Emily Bronte Research Paper

Words: 1941
Pages: 8

Born in rural England almost two hundred years ago, Emily Bronte remains one of the most well-known and beloved British authors to this day. She penned one of the most cherished and controversial novels in British literature; Wuthering Heights. This rare feat proves to be quite remarkable indeed, considering Miss Bronte only wrote one novel in her lifetime. However, that novel was not even published by herself, but by her sister, after her death. Emily Bronte composed two hundred and fourteen poems over the span of her life as well, which was not an easy task due to the high standards she held for her work. Bronte wrote not for recognition or fame after being published, but to relieve a broken and burdened heart (Laurel-Maddox 294). Her young life was littered with grief and only got darker as time marched on. She experienced many heartaches and in …show more content…
Heathcliff’s role in Bronte’s novel merges with her belief in death and the significance of the number three (“Forum Public Policy). Bronte had heard the story of Jesus and how after being crucified he rose three days later (Matthew 17:22). In Wuthering Heights, Mr. Earnshaw left his children Catherine and Hindley for three days. He returned three days later with an orphan, Heathcliff. The idea that Jesus went away and was transformed and when he returns his disciples do not even recognize him. In Bronte’s novel, Heathcliff leaves for three days and returns transformed. Heathcliff departed, transformed himself, and returned. It took three years until Heathcliff returned and when he does come back the old maid Nelly Dean does not recognize him. Heathcliff asks Nelly, “You do not know me? Look, I’m not a stranger!” (Bronte 84). When Jesus appeared again he was not recognized as well. The transformation of Heathcliff and Jesus both took three days. Although on a much smaller scale for Heathcliff than Jesus, they both affected the people surrounding