Emily Dickinson's Poetry

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“Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson is truly a phenomenal poem—in fact, the greatest poem of all time. Her unique qualities are what made her poems stand out from all the rest. Dickinson had a way of reaching out to the reader of her poem through her work. In her poem, she medicates the reader with the feeling of hope, serenity, and confidence. It also demonstrates and proves hope is always in the soul.
What makes this poem stunning is the deep message it conveys, that hope is everlasting. It teaches the readers that they can solve any worldly problems or situations, whatever it may be, as long as there is hope. The speaker of the poem, like Dickinson, is someone who has been through terrible times and yet consistently overcame
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The words such as, “sings,” “sweetest,” “stops,” “kept,” etc. are used to give evident descriptions of the intended meanings. Connotations are also utilized to enhance the poem. Here, Dickinson implies meaning inside the words: “storm,” “Gale,” “a little Bird,” “the chilliest land,” and “the strangest Sea.” The word “storm” and “Gale” represents a severe life the speaker faces. “A little Bird” expresses a little remained hope of hers. “The chilliest land” refers the difficult condition of life in where we still find the presence of hope. “The strangest Sea” also implies a mishap of life. These carefully chosen connotations contributes to the unforgettable reading experience.
The poem, “Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson, is the best work one can ever read without a doubt. The overall mood of “’Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers” is uplifting, the speaker wants to help people by listening to the story of the bird in order to become hopeful in times of hardship. The main lesson to remember from this poem is to always have confidence and never give up in tough times. With the use of figurative language, imagery, sound, diction, and meter, Dickinson made “’Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers” a memorable masterpiece with lessons that are still crucial