Emily Howard Stowe: Women In Canadian History

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According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, laws from over 200 years ago in Canada excluded women from having certain rights that men had (Stoddart, J.). This began to change in 1867, when Dr. Emily Stowe graduated in New York State University in medicine (ARCHIVED - Dr. Emily Howard Stowe - Famous Canadian Physicians - Library and Archives Canada). Some examples of accomplishments for women’s rights in Canadian history include the first phase of the Women's Movement, the Person’s Case, and the Nellie McClung Foundation (Canadian History of Women's Rights - Nellie McClung Foundation). These achievements and events made it possible for women to gain rights and are thus important to acknowledge when discussing the history of Women’s rights in Canada. When taking this information into consideration, some may wonder if women today are treated any more equally than they were before.
Emily Howard Stowe
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When her husband, John Stowe, contracted tuberculosis, Emily decided to change her career from education to medicine (Hacker, C.). However, it was difficult as there were no medical schools open to females in Canada at the time. After being denied admission by the Toronto School of Medicine in 1865 solely because she was female, Emily began a lifelong protest for women’s rights. Because she was unable to study in Canada, she moved to the United States and enrolled at the New York Medical College for Women - a homeopathic institution. Emily obtained her degree in 1867 and returned to Canada to