Emily: Love and Long Lasting Friendships Essay

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By Emily Wong

A pulchritudinous woman like myself sees’ the world as a very enchanting and joyous place for obvious reasons. Others may see my confidence and happiness as vulgar, however, they are incorrect. I prefer the term “Happily Independent”. Though the opinions of my fellow crowd are the least on my mind, I do ensure them that I don’t take their foolishness and misconceptions anywhere close to my heart. In fact, I embrace them. Knowing my capability in areas such as athletics, creativity, and social settings, I don’t doubt myself; and I never plan to. Meeting new people as passionate about learning new things as I am tends to be my strong suit. Many long lasting friendships occur within my life, and those people are surely blessed to have me. As far as romantic relationships go, I am a very selective person. If a man gives me the feeling he has the wrong intentions, or if he doesn’t meet up to my standards, then he can walk out the door and shut it behind him. And as much as I love men, I also find an attraction to those of the same sex. The thought of having a woman around makes me feel more safe, pleasant, and all around joyful. They are nonetheless more physically appealing as well. That is who I am and what I stand for, and for those who think it is a sin can go pray for me all they like: nothing will change. I am not in favor of telling anyone else whom they should fall in love with, it is not my place to control. Thus, people have no right