Emily: Oxygen and Ice-cold Water Runs Essay

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Emily begins breathing faster and faster as her body attempts to supply more oxygen to the working muscles. She feels inclined to continue running to fulfill her desire to score, but it appears too difficult for her body to endure. Her inability to run any further forces her to ask for a sub and the coach pulls her out of the game. She desperately searches for her water bottle, and grabs it as soon as it comes into her sight. The ice-cold water runs from the sides of her mouth while she briskly consumes as much of the fluid as possible, gasping for air in between each gulp. She feels the lactic acid burning through her legs in result of her strenuous exercise. Sweat profusely drips down the sides of her forehead; she senses a salty taste as some accidentally trickles into her mouth. She inches backward slowly waiting to come into contact with the wall, and as her clammy hands collide with the cold brick, she slowly slides down until she meets the dusty floor. Emily places her head in between her knees and listens to her heart pound rapidly. She senses the veins on the side of her temples throbbing in and out against her kneecaps. A moment later she pushes her head back, with the small amount of energy that remains, and slowly inhales and exhales. The clock goes off, indicating that the game has come to an end. She slowly approaches her parents as she and her team depart from the gymnasium. Swift thumps of footsteps echo in her ear as her teammates bolt by her.…