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Eminem is a famous rapper worldwide, and regarded by many as the best rap artist. He is one of the few popular caucasian rappers, among Macklemore, Mac Miller, and few others. Unlike them though, Eminems music reflects his inner feelings, especially on his album “Recovery”. Eminem is so popular because people can relate to his songs, especially younger people and have a connection to them. He talks about real problems and his troubles in life. Along with that, his music has is upbeat, has a clever play on words, and is fun to listen to.

Early Career/Life
Marshall(Eminem) was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. He started off at the bottom, & had a turbulent childhood. In his songs he describes his mother as a drug addict that physically & emotionally abused him. His dad left when he was an infant, and was determined to never talk to his son. Through his high school, he failed 9th grade three times before he dropped out at the age of 17. His mom couldn’t hold down a job for up to a few months at a time even. Marshall was a very secluded guy, as he had no permanent friends because he moved from school to school. Although he didn’t like school, he was interested in words, and had always done well in English class. He read the dictionary a lot, just so he could talk with a bigger vocabulary. Marshall wanted to express his emotions, and did it through rap. Rappers back in his day we’re all not of caucasian color.. They mainly all African American and various other ethnicities. Since he was so intrigued by english, he got involved in “rap battles”, where 2 people go back and forth “improv rapping” so to speak, and a winner would be determined by who was better (Fluency, Clarity, Makes sense, etc.).
He got popular locally, and started dating Kim Scott, a girl he met in high school. He had a kid with her, which sparked him into full gear to try to become a mainstream rapper. He released his first album, “Infinite”, which didn’t get the response he was looking for, as it only got listened to locally. The album did get the attention of somebody important, Dr. Dre. About a year later, Dr. Dre, a legendary rapper found Marshall. Dre listened to him in a rap battle once, and signed him immediately on the spot. Eminem’s success all started with Dr. Dre. Eminem starred in Dr. Dre’s hit single “I Need A Doctor” where Dre was suicidal over his friend’s deaths and his son’s death. Eminem raps in the song, saying he owes all his success and fame to Dre, how he can never repay his debt to him, and that he will always have Dre’s back. Dre also say’s how nobody’s got his back, only Eminem. They have history together, and Dre is Eminem’s best friend.

Slim Shady
With the record label, he became instantly popular, as he released The Real Slim Shady LP, which had a different feel than most of any rap that was mainstream at the moment. It sold 3 million copies. His song “My Name Is” was a big success and was very catchy and got his name spread, as he said “My name is Slim Shady” many times. He was now known as Slim Shady instead of Marshall Mathers. Slim was a pill popper and a drug abuser. He acknowledged that Slim was crazy. Even better than his first mainstream album, Eminem released his second studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP, in May 2000. The album showed off Eminem's poetic talents as well as his emotional and artistic range. His songs vary from his funny and rhythmic "The Real Slim Shady", where he jokes about everything the most of the song playfully, even though it was offensive at points; to the heartbreakingly depressing "Stan", where he describes a crazed fan that goes over the edge; to extremely violent "Kim", where he describes how much he hates Kim to the point of killing her because she’s cheated on him; And the disarmingly self-critical "The Way I Am", where he describes his himself, as being a “prick” and that he’s messed up.
The Marshall Mathers LP sold over 19 million copies worldwide, won the