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1 Executive summary

This report determines what are the perceptions, attitude formation, learning and motivation of consumers on Emirates airline in the decision making process of consumers. This report is mainly finding out the influential factors of consumers in decision making. The strength and weakness of Emirates airline is also being taken into consideration. The market segmentation, targeting and positioning is also analysed. This helps to know the target market of the company and positioning of the company. The 7Ps of marketing mix is also described to get an over view how the mix used by the company to attract the customers.
The major recommendations based on the findings are:
Adapting to the fast changing technologies to serve customers.
Operating new hub other than Dubai.
Introducing budget airline to attract price sensitive customers.
Increasing the destinations to make availability.

2 Introduction

Emirates airline is an airline owned by the Government of Dubai founded in the year 1985 and it started its operation with two aircrafts (Emiratesaboutus 2014). It is the best airline of the year 2013 in the world (Worldairlineawards 2014 ). Presently emirates have 217 aircrafts operating to 142 destinations (Mintel 2014). It is also one of the top airlines which are using more jumbo jets in the world (Mintel 2014).
Emirates is one of the premium airline that is based in the middle east. It focuses on providing premium services to its customers in terms of product, service, staff and quality of airline. The reputation and prestige of airline make the customers more loyal and influence them to use the services of airline again and again (Rapoza 2014).
Emirates market leadership has helped Dubai to make it an international hub for long route passengers and attract many tourists to Dubai. The aggressiveness of Emirates to enter new market to attract more customers and gain market share is always high. The company provide high level of customer service without any compromise.

1 Executive summary 1
2 Introduction 2
4 Overview of the brand’s marketing environment. 4
5 Marketing Mix of Emirates airline. 4
5.1 Price 4
5.2 Place 4
5.3 Promotion 4
5.4 Product 5
5.5 People 5
5.6 Process 6
5.7 Physical Evidence 6
6 Targeting and Segmentation 7
7 Key strengths and weaknesses 8
7.1 Strengths 8
7.2 Weaknesses: 8
8 Understanding the concepts of human behaviour concepts and their influence on consumer decision making. 8
8.1 An economic view of Emirates customers. 8
8.2 The decision making process. 9
9 Psychological influence on consumer behaviour. 11
9.1 Hedonic needs. 11
9.2 Goals 11
10 Evaluate influences of culture on consumer behaviour. 12
11 Conclusion & Recommendations 14
12 References 15

3 Overview of the brand’s marketing environment.

Emirates Airlines adopts differentiation generic strategy to gain a competitive advantage amongst its competitors by offering the highest quality services in order to be the best company in the market and differentiates from its competitors. For example, Emirates airlines was the first airline that offered TV screen for all aircraft's classes. Also it was the first company in the Middle East to serve the e-ticketing.
4 Marketing Mix of Emirates airline.
4.1 Price
Price is a major factor in every marketing mix. Emirates is one of the airline using premium pricing strategy. It always offers at higher price than the market price. As the airline is mainly concerned about quality of the service, the luxury and premium services to the customers without any compromise.
4.2 Place
In marketing mix place has a significant role from the evolution stage of marketing. For airlines like Emirates place is mainly online even though it has branches all over the in the main cities and other areas. Emirates is so focused on operating it to major destinations in the world. Its competitive spirit to add new destination to its network is a competitive advantage for the carrier.