Emma Seppala

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In Dr. Emma Seppala’s essay “The Best Kept Secrets to Exceptional Productivity” she discusses the benefits of doing nothing and being of service. Her thoughts on how our society has become a compulsive overworking; strengthens her purposed solutions to better our world. In the essay Seppala makes the point of doing nothing, which speaks to me more than any subject we have read about this year. Being of service can be interrupt as mission trips or simply helping the elderly, but anyway we can turn our attention from our work to others is what Seppala is calling us to do. If we take doing nothing and being of service serious and apply them to our daily lives it would purge unneeded stress from our lives in order to make us more productive. …show more content…
This constant pushing to reach a finish line that Seppala says, “Satisfaction doesn’t come or, when a goal is attained it may appear for a moment but doesn’t last because the finish line keeps moving.” We nearly break our spirits, body’s, and minds all in the pursuit to become successful. It’s sad that many people in my generation will pursue a goal that is always two steps ahead, but what if on this chase we stop for brief moments so we can catch our breath and enjoy this beautiful world around us! So let’s implement Seppala’s idea of doing nothing. Now, while we chase our idea of success it will be enjoyable; so when we obtain our form of success it will be