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Daniel Hernandez

Immigration Reform

The immigration system of American’s needs a big change in approving the immigrant reform. Every year thousands of people decide to leave their home country and come to the United States to start a new life. If the Immigrant Reform is approved it would help million of people and families, growth the economic and it would improve our security an education.
Today million of people belong to mixed status families with at least one U.S. citizen and one undocumented member, many of whom are parents or heads of households. They are divided when an undocumented parents and siblings are detained and be deported to their citizen’s country. The family bonds are strained when children and their parents are forced to wait for years, or even decades, to come to this country. When one of the parents is deported, that is the worse part because they are forced to give the children in foster care or adoption services.
Granting legal status to people that don’t have documented paper will significantly expand the economic. Giving the opportunities for immigrants to work in United States would growth the economy by creating new jobs. If an immigrant has the same salary as citizens, United States consumption can increase. The most important part is that increases tax revenues, that is what United States likes people to pay they’re taxes. In some way can improve more secure to the country for the same person because before they use to feel insecure by not having papers because some policies