Emotion and Adulthood Older People Essay

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D1 Describe how the 5 factors can / could influence the development of an individual’s self-concept.
Education can affect self concept because if a person has not received a certain amount of education this can make the person feel bad because they may not have continued with their education. Whereas someone else had. This can have an emotional and intellectual effect on the person because the individual may get upset and unhappy because there is someone else that is more intellectually better than they are. With young children they would learn basic things such counting, learning the alphabet and being to spell words sometimes children may find it hard to do at first but there is always help for the children so they manage to pick up basic learning quite quickly. At the age 16 years old the individual can choose what to do whether to go on to study more but sometimes individuals don’t continue and end up in jobs they dislike.
People regularly make assumptions about other people from what their faces look like, their body shape and their general body shape. If a person had an accident such as car crash which could have affected their face this could have a physical and emotional development on the person. If an infant had scar on their faces when the individual reaches adolescence the individual may get bullied and this could affect their self concept and the individual may self harm but people also get bullied if they look different to other people for example if someone wore emo clothes this could be an excuse to bully the individual simply because they choose to wear different clothing. with adulthood people still can get bullied because they may do something that someone else that another people may not like which could have an emotional and physical impact on the person because they may not be able to sleep because they are stressed and could end up getting really upset at the thought of being different to someone else, with later adulthood older people don’t really mind how they look like but they still like doing things like having their hair done or having their nails don’t ext.

Family Relationship
They quality of our emotional relationship influences how we feel about ourselves all through our lives. If the relationships are positive we will be happy and successful which would make the person feel good about themselves. However if the relationships is negative this would make the person feel bad about themselves. There are different forms of relationships that can happen at all life stage and these are friend, sexual, family and working relationships. With infancy they relationship with their parent/ carer is really important as the first relationship will set the tone for future relationship. Infants learn how to show emotions and interact with others based on these first relationships. With childhood children usually attach with the same sex groups but when they become adolescent their relationships change because of puberty which results in feelings the individual may have for others. Adult relationship would usually develop through work, hobbies or activities that they might do with their children. Older people would need friends because when they retire they may feel isolated if they do not meet their friends on a daily basis. Older people may be able to make new friends through a hobby or activity they may take up. Another form