Essay about Emotion and Behavioral Responses

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Stress is the term used to describe the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses to events that are appraised as challenging. Stress can show itself in a million different ways. The Physical problems can include unusual fatigue, sleeping, getting sick more often, and even feeling nausea. People under stress may behave differently also. Sometimes people whom are understand stress may eat more often, cry often, do drugs, or even drink more than they would normally. Emotionally, people under stress experience anxiety, sometimes depression, fear and or irritability, as well as frustration. Mental symptoms of stress include problem in concentration, memory, and decision-making and people under stress often lose their sense of humor.
Most people experience some sort of stress on a daily basis; college students are more likely to face this situation more than ever. I am a college student myself and I personally feel very stressed during finals or just even when a simple test is coming up for my class. I have major stress problems myself. I can stress over the littlest and simplest things ever. While I am in school, I work a part time job, come home and prepare things for my family that needs to be done. During the week I have school, work and then when I come home I have family issues to take care of or even help my parents work on their business. I stress out when I have loads of stuff to do, or when my mother isn’t around much to help me with the