Narrative Essay On The Day In School

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Leaving the house at six fifty in the morning, stepping outside and seeing that the sun hasn't even woke up yet makes me dread going to school so early. I feel drossy, tired, then stepping outside and feeling that crisp cool air touch my warm skin, sends chills all over my body. So I run to the truck to go turn on the heater and get warm again. My sister Kristy starts up our loud diesel truck that probably wakes up the whole neighborhood, and off to school we go with our country music playing loud.

Sitting in the front seat looking out the foggy window watching the cars pass by like hours in a day. Well driving to school we pass by Beringer Park and a river of memories start to flow threw my head. I remember being at the park from seven in the morning to ten at night. But the best memory out of all of them is when my soccer team called Blue Storm won league champs. I remember it as if were yesterday, we went to war with the titans soccer team on that muddy wet field in the rain. We battled through the whole game running through the mud as if it were life or death. And having to battle for the ball in a mud pit, and getting sucked in ankle deep and not being able to retrieve your foot back as if the mud ate it. Running after your opponent feeling the rain burn you as it hit your face. During halftime us soldiers cleaned our battle wounds and listened to our captains motivational speech that brought the dedication and hope back into our spirits. Hearing that whistle from the ref that sent adrenalin threw ours bodies like water rushing through a pipe system, and back to war we went. As the clock was ticking time was running out and neither arm has scored the whole game, the whistle blows ending the game. In my mind in knew this battle was only getter harder as the refs explained that we were going to have to go into penalty kicks. looking over at my teammates seeing the disappointed faces as if they were giving up on this game already. So I called out for a huddle, as we linked together I saw the hope burst back into them as I said, " I got your guys backs, and we are a team we fight together! We can't give up now we just battled for a whole hour and a half for this win so let's leaving it all on the field right here, right now!" and the adrenaline kicked in again. Kick after kick, blocking them all fighting for my team. It finally came down to the last shot, feeling my legs getting shaky and weak as I became nervous knowing that this was it, this is the game changing shot. So I bent my knees put, my hands up in ready position, and staring at the ball to focus. As the girl's cleat hit the ball, I planted my feet and dove in mid air feeling as if I were flying, and caught the ball perfectly between my gloves. As I fell on the ground I felt joy rush threw my body as I realized I caught the ball. seeing my teammates run to me to me made me feel like I was on top of the world, but the best feeling was knowing we fought as a team that day. The cheering slowly started to fade and the sound of country music filled my ears, but the smile that it brought me stayed as the sight of the field started to decrease as we drove further away. Remembering all those great memories at the field made my passion to play even stronger. As I feel the truck turn I look up and see in the distance a little, brown, house with wind chimes hanging from the front port, a house that I remember all too well, my best friend Alex's house. Alex and I have been friends since kindergarten. When we were little Alex and