Emotion and Certain Emotional States Essay examples

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> Emotion. is defined as an affective state of consciousness, often accompanied by physiological changes, (as joy, sorrow, fear, and hate), to be distinguished from cognitive (knowledge and perception) and volitional (willing and intending) states of consciousness [Dictionary definition]. an emotion can have a cognitive component, a judgment. Such cognitive theories go back thousands of years ago as far back as the Aristotle and the Stoics era (Cognitive Theories of Emotions, ). Humans are constantly changing the disposition or mood, to acquire certain emotional states of mind in certain situations or based on specific circumstances or occurances that alter an emotional state.
> Emotions are the glue that can do one of two things: emotions can connect one self to other people adherring a new meaning to life. Emotions can be over bearing and can break you if awareness and control does not exist. Awareness and control of managing your emotions appropriately is a definite advantage in operating the human body and eliminates stress, allowing the brain to think clearly and creatively, and display empathy. But being unable to tame your inner deep feelings could lead into confusion, negativity-even death. As I became older and began paying attention to myself and different situations I dealt with in life, I developed an understanding of my own emotional awareness in order to gain and keep control of my emotions. As a result, I'm also enhanced my communication skills along the way , and have learned that being inner personal is just a fragment of the many traits I possess. I always seem to present myself as being shy or very quiet, but I'm at very very reserved and selective of what I will reveal. As you get to know me down the line I am very open about who i am and being honest is important when trying to gain the trust of a friend. In general, I would state the most common emotions I regularly feel are happiness, occupied, tired, and love. My emotions were…