Emotion and Child Essay

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Assignment 1

Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years, and 5-8 years:
Although development runs along with the growth of the child their age does not define it in any way. This means that some kids might develop some skills quicker while others will take slightly longer. Keeping this in mind there are however few things worth remembering for example that a child is not only developing physically but also intellectually, emotionally and socially. On the top of all that the child also improving their language skills as they grow older.
0-2 years old
At this stage the child will pay attention especially to colourful and shiny objects and will be able to focus on them for few seconds. Their coordination will improve significantly, so the child will come from completely unsupported person to the person who can actually keep their own balance. Above that at age of 2 they will be able to kick the ball. Their memory will also improve and will be able to recognise different situations and act upon them for example cry or laugh. Just at 1 a child is able to remember and understand preferences of different people while a 2 years old will enjoy talking to themselves. Language wise they will be able to imitate the surrounding them sounds e.g. cat- ‘meow’ before they even reach their 1st year; furthermore by that time they will mostly speak ‘dada’ and ‘mama’. As the next year pass by and 2nd birthday arrive the average child will now have a vocabulary of about 50 words even though it will understand much more than that.
While we can observe the physical growth clearly their emotional and social aspect of development is much harder to see however up to age of 2 they will be undergoing very intense learning of how to trust other people and act upon daily situations e.g. smile or fear. The kids at this stage will be very self-aware of people they do not know or haven’t had much contact with in the past. The baby could also become insecure and mistrustful.
Up to their first birthday babies are very sociable and enjoy being cared for while in the later stage they become more and more independent and will develop self-confidence when playing alone.
3-5 years old
Physically the child will be able to do majority of basic things such as walking forward, backwards and sideways also jumping from small height and running. As their balance is improved they are able to ride tricycle and stand on 1 foot by age of 3. The movement coordination will be so good that they can catch, throw, bounce and kick the ball at 4. Until 5th birthday they will be developing and improving the above mentioned physical skills.
Intellectually it will be yet again very intense development time; a person is able to concentrate and focus on activities and use pencil and paintbrush better, furthermore their drawings will start being recognisable. At 4 memory improves and many will remember things that have happened during this period. They will also be able to tell a difference between present, past and future.
At this stage kids are more aware of their own feelings and can describe their emotions. Children will be able to build and speak basic sentences by age of 3. As their emotional development is strictly coordinating with language they will be expressing their frustrations and happiness verbally more often. They can also describe the reason for their emotional state. As they master their emotional states they will become able to hide their own feelings such as sadness. The kids at this level usually can easily make friends and are introduced to feelings such as shame and guilt.
5-8 years old
By 5th birthday they will master their movements and use variety of equipment as well as be extremely confident with preformed activity. As they reach 8 years the kid will feel confident to jump from heights, run distance and ride a bike. The basic idea of literacy and numeracy will come to play which they will be able to take on