Essay about Emotion and Lipstick

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Illusion of a Lipstick Have you ever thought why commercials or ads are made with a purpose? Of course they have an obvious purpose, what about the hidden purpose? I decided to analyze “Maybelline Super Same 14-hour lipstick” and they use woman to convey the message they want the audience to understand. Maybelline uses different logistics to promote their new 14-hour lipstick and it distorts the idea woman need to wear certain lipstick in order to look beautiful and to sell their product. The advertisement for Maybelline appears to appeal to woman because the lipstick is something you could use for everyday use. Whether your working, eating, exercising or kissing a man, the lipstick gives woman the illusion that your lips will always look luscious. Throughout the whole commercial they show the models doing their day to day job, eating, or just plain having fun shopping with their lips looking stimulating. Arthur ASA Berger “Signs of Contemporary Culture”, he mentions the use of spatiality. He states, “such as cosmetic advertisements have a great deal of “empty space”. This empty or white space is, itself, a sign of elegance, refinement, quality.” (Berger pg. 49) The advertisements use this very well because there are no distractions. It focuses on the woman wearing the lipstick and it does not come off, no matter what they do. The commercial not only is it selling the product but sending the idea that woman wearing lipstick will make you look beautiful and feel more confident. The commercial uses beautiful woman or models to promote the product. They don't use everyday “regular” people. They are young girls with a lot of poise and confident. They use these women because they know we are subconscious about how we look on the outside. As Jack Solomon state in “Master of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising”, he says “ appealing to our subconscious emotions rather than our conscious. Intellects advertisements are designed to exploit the discontentment fostered by the American dream. The constant desire for social success and the material reward accompany it.” (Solomon Page 52) Women are willing to buy this lipstick thinking my lips will always look good no matter what. Today society tells us that if you look good, then you can feel more confident. They also use body language and emotion in the commercial. These women look very sexy and happy while wearing their 14-hour lipstick. Maybelline draws people’s attention by offering a selection of different colors and long lasting effects. Offering different colors gives the consumer more options to give the product a try. Maybelline’s lipstick comes in twenty different shades with a long lasting wear. I believe they use the variety of colors to help see giving the woman opinions. It expands the target audience because they offer many shades that makes it easier for a woman to match their lipstick with their outfits. They also offer different colors to match any complexion or race. Also you don't have to reapply the lipstick it saves the consumer money because they don't have the need to re-apply on a regular basis, which is common with your average lipsticks. Even the way the commercial is visual set up with its upbeat music will draw yours eyes straight to the Television screen. The commercial is hip and modern and will catch the attention of anyone who is watching the television. The music is upbeat but not overpowering it is just perfect for this AD. It…