Emotion and Rational Appeal Essay

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The emotion rather than the reason in Marketing
“Whether promoting a product, an event or a person, an advertising campaign is most effective when it appeals to emotion rather than to reason”.
Before trying to understand why emotion campaigns are more effective than the reason ones, it is important to know the meaning of emotional appeal and rational appeal. Rational Appeal is worried about the price point and the highlighting of the benefits from the product. Small companies normally use it in order to fend off competition. The Emotional Appeal, in the other hand, it is understudied as the ability to communicate mightily using techniques that evoke emotion. Usually, emotional advertisements don’t start showing the product, but the sensations it will provide in the life of the buyer.
Rational Appeals could be better for small business because it allows marketing the product for more than just a selected target group. It happens for the reason that focusing in the price and in benefits allows a generalized campaign simply by the wide appeal it makes. In this case, customers just need these products and they are not concerned with having the best or more expensive one. It can be the case of cleaner products for houses that people need them and not the prestigious they can cause in their life. Moreover, when there is a crisis, the product that shows the rational appeal will be the choice in the market.
Regardless of the advantages to using the rational appeal in advertising, the emotional appeal can be also a good option. Even customers are worried with the budget; they are also concerned by the quality. In this sense, the use of a low price can means poor quality. The emotional point more and more drives customers.
The product comes in the customer life and builds the ego, making the person feel smarter, courageous, and more chic… These feelings make the person feel better about him or herself and with it the brand becomes special and closed to the user. This status brings values and priorities to people. In other words, companies try to establish a relation of trust and mutual collaboration with the costumer. There are some brands that did so well that people like to wear the logos. Domenico Consoli (2010) explains that emotional marketing studies how to arouse emotions in people to induce them to buy a particular product or service.
The marketing to luxury sector must be more emotional, why? Just because people don’t by the most expensive coat just to stay warm! In the luxuries areas, the emotional side like the brand, the uniqueness and the prestige is more important than the rational side like technical, functional, quality and price. An article from the magazine Luxury Society explained this with magnificent words: “mass marketing is the business of selling reality. Luxury marketing is the business of selling dreams.” (Luxury Society, 2012) For this kind of customers, buying luxury goods make them