Emotion and Skeenan Noel Fcfc Essay

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sKeenan Noel
FCFC 202
Stress Assignment
29 August 2012 Stress

At the beginning of this assignment I viewed the items 2, 7, 11, 15 & 19. After reviewing the five items I then added up my score for these five items and divide by five. After applying the math my score came out to be a solid 12 and after division my score came out to be 2.4. My biggest item I need to work/focus on is definitely the competitive aspect. I feel as if anything you do or are going to do you are going to have to compete. My biggest thing is that I tend to let my competitive heart and mentality rise above everything else in many instances. The more heart I compete with the more emotional I tend to get which is not a positive because competing with emotion is not the right way to compete. One of our coaches here at Ball State tells us don’t play with emotion because emotion gets the best of you and emotion runs out. So, we believe if you don’t play with emotion and you play with enthusiasm, the enthusiasm with last longer than your emotions. Not saying I don’t compete on the field with emotion sometimes because sometimes I do when things go wrong.
Once I closed up all of the personal items I began to view my twenty-five remaining items I had left. I scored a five on three items which were the following: handling stress well, coping with stress in appropriate ways, & respecting others’ opinions. My total which came out to seventy-five was then divided by the twenty-five remaining