Emotion and Trust Essay

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Trust: A Word Full of Emotions What is trust? Trust is a feeling of security and love and is a vital and necessary part of a relationship .Trust is just a strong feeling that lets someone know that they can count on them through thick and thin, no matter what the situation may be. It is a bond, and an unspoken contract to do right by one another. There are many forms of trust, but three particular forms come to mind when people think about the word trust. Firstly, they think of the trust between a parent and a child. Secondly, they think of the trust between a man and woman in a relationship. Last but not least, they think about trusting random people out in the world. While similar in many ways, these three types of trust are also most definitely different. No matter what the relationship, trust is an extremely vital component! The trust between a parent and a child is really the first type of trust that one will experience. As a child, they trust their parents to love them, protect them, provide for them, and basically supply all of their needs and most of their wants. “For instance, developmental and sociological research suggests that parents, specifically mothers, are a permanent source of assistance and support and that parent– adult child relationships are rewarding for both adult children and their parents” (Feltner).This feeling that they call trust makes them feel loved and very secure. The world seems like a wonderful place because they know that their parents have their best interest at heart, and essentially “have their backs”. On the other side of that same topic, a parent wants to be able to trust his or her child. Parents hope that all the values and morals they have taught their children will “stick” with them throughout their lives. Parents have to learn to especially trust children as they get older and start making crucial decisions for themselves. Often times it is harder for a parent to trust a child than it is for a child to trust a parent. However, this parent/ child trust is important to both parties involved. It is a bond that will last a lifetime and hopefully not be broken to the point of no repair. Trust is absolutely easy to lose and most definitely hard to gain, especially between a man and woman. The form of trust that most can relate to is the trust between a man and a woman in a relationship. Trust is definitely one of the key components to a happy relationship. This type of trust is the idea that he/she will be loved and respected at all times by their partner. It is the feeling that their heart will never be broken by any kind of infidelity. This is the type of trust that can make someone feel like they are walking on clouds, or it can feel like a ton of bricks crashing down on them! Good relationships are built on trust and honesty. But if there is ever a feeling of animosity or antipathy, this will most likey destroy the trust and the relationship between the people. This is unfortunate, but we cannot just focus on