Emotion and Young People Essay

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3, Understand the potential effects of transitions on children and young people’s development
3.1 – Identify the transitions experienced by most children and young people
- Starting nursery
- Moving from nursery to pre-school then to school
- Changing class
- Go through natural growth and development
3.2 – Identify transitions that only some children and young people may experience
- Moving house
- Death of family member/friend
- Divorce of parents
- Having a brother/sister
- Change of carer
- Change in health or ability
3.3 – Describe with examples how transitions may affect children and young people’s behaviour and development
All transitions will affect the child in different ways; these are some examples of how some will affect them:
Starting nursery
When a child starts nursery it has a massive affect on the child. This is because they have been used to spending a lot of time with their parents and family so going to nursery where they don’t know anyone is very hard for them to adjust to. It can make the child very emotional, for example when the parents drop their child off at the nursery the child would cry because they don’t want their parents to leave; even when the parents have left they may still cry and can struggle to settle in. The child could start throwing tantrums and not want to get involved in any of the activities. They could also struggle to build relationships with the other children and carers. Although, some children do settle in very quickly which means they get used to being away from their parents a lot quicker than the other children so are happy to be at nursery.
Changing class
Changing class can also have a big affect on a child as when they move class they could not be with their friends so will have to make new friendships. They could struggle with this if they have low confidence or low self esteem. If they struggle to make new friends then they may not want to go into school anymore as they could start to get emotional as they may feel lonely when at school.
Going through natural growth (adolescence)
When a child reaches the adolescence stage in their development they go through many changes. All these physical changes such as puberty can affect them emotionally. Going through puberty will cause the child to have mood swings as their hormones will be changing. It is also a very confusing stage for some children so they could become upset or even worried as they may be unsure of what is happening to their body. If they are unhappy with what is happening to their body it could cause them to have a loss of self esteem which could cause depression if they become too unhappy with the changes that are happening. They could start to become very defiant to their parents/carers and start mixing with the wrong people which could get them into illegal substances.
Moving home
If they are moving home to a different town then this will cause them to lose their friends meaning they have to make new friendships. If they do not fit into the area they have moved to this means they will struggle to make new friendships making them feel lonely. This will cause them not to like the new area and could cause their behaviour to get worse. They could start to hate their parents/carers for making them move so will become defiant towards them by being rude and not following the rules that they may have in place. They could also start to drink alcohol or do illegal substances which could cause them to be in trouble with the police. Some children may become so depressed with the fact that they don’t like that they have moved so could run away from home.
Death of family member/close relative
If a child looses a