Emotion: Emotion and Physiological Response Essay

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Definition: Motivated states that varies in intensity and pleasantness comes from latin: set in motion, motivated state that involves physiological change ( increase of heart rate), effect how were thinking and our behavioral response. all emotions have a physiological change!
Measuring Emotion
“Lie Detector” -Equipment/Output -How it works
Types of Q’s
Baseline-really easy questions to answer, that dont cause you to have a physiological arousal, normal heart rate, no sweating
Control-cause a little physiological arousal , have you ever deceiver someone?
Critical- designed to allow the examiner to induce some sort of variability. So when someone lies their response will be different.
Anxiety or fear is detected by the lie detector
Problems- only 63% affective at correctly categorizing someone innocent, only 76% do they accurately categorize someone who is guilty
If you are innocent and you take the test, 1/3 of the time they results will say you’re lying.
Reactive people- how reactive people are, some people don’t respond to reactors
Anti-anxiety drugs- the present of the drugs effects the degree to which people respond. Polygraph is designed to detect anxiety, so if you cut out anxiety it won’t be able to pick up the psychological response.
Antisocial individuals- people who violate social norms without guilt or remorse
Pain- the anticipation or action of pain can cause a response
Guilty Knowledge (GKT)
He produced a different style of asking questions to detect perception
Just like the traditional method it involves yes or no questions, and baselines. This is detecting the presence of guilty knowledge, that will detect you if you know information that you shouldn’t know.
Knowledge only the perpetrator would know in a crime
Maclaren (2001)
This test is 83% accurate

Theories of Emotion
1. James-Lange Model of Emotion
William James considered the father of psychology of the United States
Autonomic feedback and muscular feedback is the emotion

-we perceive some sort of environment stimulus ( a bear in the woods, a person holding a gun)