Essay on Emotion and Story

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A Bag of Oranges
The story “A Bag of Oranges” by Spiro Athanas tells about a poor family lived in the rotting slum and the boy in this family became a mature person from a childish kid. Because the boy’s father needs to pay his responsibility to his family and the people who he loved, so his rude behavior and act makes his son hate him for a short time. After the boy notice his family’s financial situation, then he realize it’s not easy be an adult to making life run in the society, and you would lose some important things while you are paying responsibility to your family, so he begin understand his father. When the boy know his father hit by a car, all his emotion spew out and make his act like an adult in the end of the
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It shows us, the boy feel momentary hated because of his childish.
Children usually forget their feelings and thoughts quickly. The boy was so hated his father after the incident, but when they get home, he is back to his father again. As the story mentions, “It was so easy and natural he could scarcely believe the emotions he experienced moments ago were real. (p.220)” That means, the boy hate his father before they get home and it was just a childish emotion of him. We can see that when they get home and the boy jump to his father and put his arm around his father’s neck and wrapping his legs around his body. Sometimes, children hate their parents in a moment and show all the emotions on their face to express their feeling, even though these acts and emotions come quickly, but leave quickly. All these acts show and prove he is childish.
All these things happen on the boy, they are waiting for the right moment to wake up the boy who in a childish dream. A kid won’t always be a kid, someday they will grow up. As the story point out, “He sipped. It was bitter, the price of being a man. (p.222)” That means, the boy remembered all the things happened on him and his father. He doesn’t understand before, but he does understand now. He feet his father responsibility for his family, and he realize it’s hard to be an adult to figure out everything for life. He knows if he wants to be an adult, he must pay many things for that just like