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English Comp. 1
Emotional Appeals Assignment

Directions: Provide three examples of “emotional appeal” used in commercials and other forms of advertisement.

For each example, give a 4-5 sentence explanation on why these examples are successful in their arguments.

Example: The commercials that talk about serious issues like hunger in Africa and other countries are using the emotional appeal in that they typically use images of starving children while a well-known actor discusses them. This combination of visual and auditory argument produces a feeling of pity in the audience, and they are more likely to give for the cause. The argument in these commercials is successful in that the pictures produce an emotional state in those watching them. The argument depends, here, on the ability to produce a feeling of pity; without it, there is no cause to give to.

You may write on this paper or on a separate sheet, but be sure to write you name, the date, and the class period in the upper right-hand corner.

This assignment is due March 28, 2013 in class.

Demetrick Mothershed april 25,2013 4:00 to 5:15

The commercials that come on tv talking about animal abuse use emotional appeal. the commercials show injured animals that have been beaten or abandoned, they have music playing and all types of pictures and videos. when the commercial comes on they will have some soft sad music playing in the background with someone talking. The speaker will be talking in a soft voice saying something like "no animal should have to live in fear, please call and stop