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Teenage Bullying Many people retain horrible memories of high school, in large part due to the bullying they experienced. Teenage bullying is a very real problem in schools. And it isn't always physical. There are many different types of bullying, including verbal and emotional bullying. These types of bullying, though more subtle than physical bullying, can still have a large impact on a student. Bullying includes behaviors that focus on making someone else feel bad, Bullying includes harassment, physical harm and may other ways. Bullying is active, and is done with the intention of bringing another person down.It is important to realize that there are different kinds of bullying:Physical BullyingVerbal BullyingEmotional BullyingCyber Bullying
Is teenage bullying common
According to statistics from Family First Aid, about 30 percent of teenagers in the U.S. have been involved in bullying, either as a bully or as a victim of teenage bullying. Data suggests that teenage bullying is more common among younger teens than it is among older teens. However, it may be that young teens are more prone to physical bullying, which is easier to identify, and that older teens are more sophisticated in methods of bullying that are not always exactly identified as such.
Physical bullying is more common among boys, and teenage girls often favor verbal and emotional bullying. Indeed, while boys report that they are more likely to be involved in physical altercations, girls report that they are often the targets of nasty rumors - especially involving sexual gossip.