Emotional Intelligence Quiz Analysis

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Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Psychologist Daniel Goleman identifies five elements that make up emotional intelligence. These are: (1) Self-awareness, (2) self-regulation, (3) motivation, (4) empathy, and (5) social skills (mind tools, 2016). This assignment has challenged me to make a personal assessment of these elements by taking an EIQ or Emotional Intelligence Quiz. In addition to assessing the elements as set for for by Dr. Goleman, two questions came about from the assessment that I must examine closely. (1) how emotionally intelligent I really am, and (2) how can this quiz help me to develop my EQ further as I move forward in my leadership?
The basic instructions of the assessment that I did were to evaluate each statement as I felt actually fit me rather than as I think I should be, then the score was calculated using the following table:
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You may find that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, especially in stressful situations; or, you may avoid conflict because you think that you'll find it distressing.
It's likely, too, that you find it hard to calm down after you've felt upset, and you may struggle to build strong working relationships.
35-55 Your emotional intelligence level is... OK.
You probably have good relationships with some of your colleagues, but others may be more difficult to work with.
The good news is that you have a great opportunity to improve your working relationships (retrieved from mindtools.com, 1996-2016)