Emotional Rescue-Steps To Get On The Stage

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Emotional Rescue - steps to get on the stage
“We were the only band without a proper name before our very first gig in South London.”

The documentary introduces Emotional Rescue, a band that has only been playing together since September 2013. It presents how they try to reach their destination of becoming famous by showing a few stopovers of their journey.
“Don`t you know you better satisfy if you freely wanna live this life” - sings Martin, the singer of Emotional Rescue. These two rows are taken out from their song titled “Medieval Eyes” and are probably the key words that float unconsciously in the back of our young generation`s mind. When these thoughts become conscious that is when we meet artists. Anyone with some musical knowledge and background could play in a band but it takes a lot of effort and hard work to put into for getting others` attention and recognition...Especially when they constantly juggle between job and practice....and that is when they need to take their “Emotional Rescue drug” and satisfy their audience.

1x8 minutes

Approach, aims The documentary shows the difficulty of getting in the music industry as well as the joy it brings into the musicians` lives during the journey they take to reach their dream of becoming well-known and celebrated in the country.
The film mainly tries to approach young artists who are in similar shoes, its aim is to fill them with encouraging words and show that hard work eventually pays back. The film also delivers melodious pop songs which are easy to listen to therefore are enjoyable by most of the audience.

Mood, visual style Keep it positive, incentive, dynamic and bubbly throughout the whole length. The film brings out and delivers personalities from the band filling in the program with humour and smiles. It also points out that no matter which part of the world they come from they all speak the same language: the language of music which breaks the barriers down. All the locations I pick for shooting have their own style, independent pubs and venues. There are no shots of common London sights. Contemporary music is a lot about night life consequently plenty of night shots are used.

Structure Opening sequence (approx. 45 seconds): band starts playing a song in their studio, middle close up on each musician from the back not showing their face yet, only showing instruments, hands, microphones, ecc... Then music dips, short monologues come in in which each musician introduces themselves with one snappy phrase and the position they take in Emotional Rescue. (example: “Hi I am Kevin, the guitarist and I love getting soaked in the pouring rain”). As the music peaks a wide angle of the band comes in so the audience can now link the faces with the instruments. The opening sequence would be then followed by a couple of interviews shot in their studio in which they would answer some of the following questions:

1. Where does the name come from?
2. What kind of successes has the band had so far?
3. How did you guys get together as a band and how long have you been playing together as a band?
4.What is your goal?
5. What do you guys do in everyday life?
6.How often can you/do you practice?
7. What does inspire you in writing songs?
8. How did your musical background start?
9. Where did you go on tour and how did they go?
10. What genre of music would you say you mostly play?
11. Which song of yours do you think is the most liked one by the audience and why?
12. Which is your oldest and newest song and what is the date they were released please?
13. Do you consider yourself an artist or just somebody who enjoys playing music?
14. Tell me about one specific song.
15. Do you have an iconic musician, if yes tell me who it is and why.

Type of shots plenty of close ups on instruments whilst being played extreme close up focusing on fingers playing on guitar strings, drumsticks hitting the drum, facial expressions of the singers, movements of lips