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Emotionally Focused Couples Paper
Keisha Edwards
March 2, 2015
Linda Cook

Emotionally Focused Couples Paper Introduction
When people get married they look forward to having a marriage full of love, happiness, companionship, financial stability, intimacy, and having someone who will provide emotional support. But for some people that happiness goes out the door, when you married someone who has an unstable background it will cause problems. This is where couples therapy comes into play, it gives the couple a way to express their concerns about what is going on in their lives. This paper will focus on a video that is providing couples with therapy, and helping them to
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The questioning was very effect and it helped Patty to see that her husband Josh wanted to her with the pain that she was going through and even though it might take some time for her to let him the way that he wants her she is willing to do that for him. When questioning the couple the therapist used open and ended questions like:
1. Yeah, I hear you. What does it look like when you shut down, I mean, do you just not talk or do you leave the room or do you turn away.
2. You just turn in, this is too difficult, and this is too hard, yeah?
3. Some parts of you say, this too scary, I’m too vulnerable here, I have to go and hide away and lock the door.
4. What is it like to hear your lady talking about this, Josh?
5. You want to take care of her in that way?
6. Somehow, I want too slow you down a bit? Okay.
7. So you start thinking about all the things that somehow that you might have done to trigger this hurt, right?
These questions helped to open the conversation, and to help the therapist understand a little better of what was going on with the couple. The ended questions also helped the therapist to focus on what she should ask the couple next that would help them to reply without saying “yes/no” to the questions that she asked.
To help the therapist understand what was being said to her, she used the techniques of paraphrasing and summarizing. The therapist