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Emotions & Intellect vs. Physical Attributions & Skills

One’s emotions and intellect are the keys to success in sports, rather than skills and attributes. One should be able to understand the other team’s methods and understand the way they play, coordinate, and attack. Emotions and intellect can contribute to almost anything, whereas physical attribute and skills can only contribute or apply to a few work or sport options. Sometimes it depends on how one defines emotion and intellect. Ones definition of emotional intelligence is that this concept is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate one’s emotions. Some others believe that emotional intellect is something that can be a learned and built on, while others believe that some individuals have emotional intellect as an inborn characteristic. Sure, physical attributes and skill does have a somewhat important role in one’s physical life as one may say, but truly without emotions and intellect there is no point in the sport itself.
Emotions and intellect contribute so much to the field of sports. Anyone should be able to control one’s emotions when he/she has lost a game. They should also have the fortitude to go on in spite of occasional failures. If one has intellect it will help him/her to outsmart the opposite team or his/her opponent. It is true that to also be successful in sports one needs to possess some sort of physical abilities. However emotional and intelligent strategies are also important to logically and tactfully succeeding in sports. Also emotions during sports, such as aggression, a winning attitude, ego, positive thinking, and the unwillingness to give up can help a player to not only succeed in sports, but to succeed in life as well. If the player does not have the will to win, then he/she won’t win, this is known as emotion. If they don’t know what to do, possessing physical attributes and skill won’t help them in anyway, this is known as intellect. And in the end no player for any sport or team really needs skill to win, it really matters how much will one has to win and do well in the sport.
In any sports team, as player, one has to work together with ones teammates that’s why it’s called a team and why most sports are not individual. That’s when the emotional part kicks in, sure there may be personal issues but for example, when I play