Emotions and Moods Essay

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Chapter 3 Definitions Affect- The range of feelings in the forms of emotions and moods that people experience in their life context. Emotions – Are strong positive or negative feelings directed toward someone or something. Emotional Intelligence – Is an ability to understand emotions and manage relationships effectively.
• Self – awareness-The ability to understand our emotions and their impact on us and others.
• Social – awareness- the ability to empathize and understand the emotions of others.
• Self- management – the ability to think before acting and control disruptive impulses.
• Relationship management – The ability to establish rapport with others to build good relationships.
Types of Emotions
Self- Conscious Emotions – Arise from internal sources such as:
• Shame
• Guilt
• Embarrassment
• Pride
Social Emotions – Derive from external sources such as:
• Pity
• Envy
• Jealousy Moods – are generalized positive or negative feelings or states of mind. Emotions and mood Contagion – the spillover of one’s emotions and mood onto others.

Emotional Labor - A situation where a person displays organizationally desired emotions in a job such as:
• Funny
• Caring
• Cheerful Emotional dissonance – Inconsistency between emotions we feel and those we try to project such as:
• Deep Acting – Occurs when someone tries to modify their feelings to better fit the situation. Such as putting yourself in the same position of a traveler how lost his luggage.
• Surface Acting – Is the case of hiding true feelings while displaying very different ones such as smiling…