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Chapter V Question.
Description of the monster (striking contrast to the replicants). Contrasting with the perfection of nature. Imperfection. Victor seeks nature for refuge. He is appalled by what he is done. Quote the description. Catastrophe. Highly chares emotive language. Gross imperfections. Foreshadowing the monsters interaction with society. He is judged by his appearance. Contrast with the perfections of nature.
Victor seeks ‘perfection’. Does he realise what he has done? Explain.
It is evident in Victor’s vile description of his creation that he indeed has realised what he has done. He had sought to achieve ‘perfection’ through his creation, but is punished for trying to play the role of God. This this “catastrophe” which he had “endeavoured to form” served as a punishment which he had worked through “infinite pains and care” to create.
Sublime: Nature is both powerful and punishing. As well as the fact that it is the source of life and comfort.
Instead of achieving ‘perfection’, Frankenstein had created a monster of gross imperfections. Expressed through emotive language, this “catastrophe” which he had “endeavoured to form” through “infinite pains and care” had contrasted greatly with the beauty of nature with its “shrivelled complexion” and “straight black lips” thus explaining Victor’s need to seek refuge within nature.
Extreme emotion. Contrasting with what he was feeling before.

He seeks perfection and doesn’t achieve it (like god. Man playing god and not reaching the benchmark. He is being punished. Language