Essay about Empathy and Compassion

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I would define the word compassion as a strong feeling, sympathy for someone who is in need. A great example of compassion is one in the MacMillan Dictionary. It wrote; ‘Compassion is a feeling of sympathy for someone who is in a bad situation because you understand and feel bad for them’. A story I’ve read, ‘The Good Samaritan’ illustrates compassion really good by when a guy gets beaten and robbed, he is left on the side of the road and after two people walk by without even acknowledging the guy who was beaten, another guy comes along and takes the one in need in and helps his cuts, bruises, and pays for shelter until not needed anymore. They guy showed very good compassion by caring for someone in need he didn’t even know because he felt sorrow, pity, and sympathy.

In a story I’ve read, Jimmy Valentine is a criminal that breaks into safes, and steals money. He has all the tools needed to break into safes. Jimmy Valentine was leaving the town he was staying in and came upon a big worried crowd, he soon found out there was a little girl, Agatha stuck into the biggest safe in town. Jimmy was the only one who could get her out, he started to feel sympathy for her because if he left she would be stuck forever. Jimmy finally made a decision and decided to get Agatha out of the safe. In another story I’ve read that has compassion in it is when an older women, Mrs. Flowers feels sorry for a little girl that cannot read, and is very shy in school. Mrs. Flowers invites the little girl, Marguerite into her house and feeds her and teaches her how to read day by day. Mrs. Flowers felt bad because she knew what situation