Reasons For Listening To Music

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Five Reasons I Listen to Music
Throughout my life music hasn’t really been a great impacting factor for me. I did not march in the band, play a specific musical instrument for a long period of time, or major in any musical career. There has been only 1 occasion that I have ever played a musical instrument, and that was because it was a class requirement. A recorder was the instrument I played when I was much younger than I am now. However growing up as an adolescent into a adult, I became fond of listening to music. My favorite type of music is hip-hop or rap. My least favorite would be country, because of the fact that I can’t get into the music; it’s just a sound to me.
I listen to music for many different reasons, 1 of which is for thinking. Different songs have different meanings, as well as different tempos or speeds for different situations. I use music to sometimes rationalize and ease any disturbing thoughts in my head. I believe listening to slower songs helps to bring ideas and thoughts together peacefully and smoothly. This could be a reason why when some individuals read, do home work, or watch TV, they also listen to music while doing so.
My second reason for listening to music is for motivation. For example when you travel to a fitness center or gym, you sometimes notice while participating in the physical activity, people listen to music. It could be playing aloud or listened to with the use of ear buds. To me music is a great motivational tool. The movie “Rocky” is a great example of how music is motivational.
Another reason I listen to music is for relevancy. If I’m going through a tough time, or hit a rough patch in life, certain songs that I may listen to describe that exact situation. I like to listen to songs that have meaning and are relevant to a particular situation I am currently going through, or have already gone through. It may have been a break up, or a personal issue, and a certain song comes on and makes you realize “hey I went through a similar situation.” As a result you listen more and more and actually like the song.
My fourth reason for listening to music is for comfort. We all at some point in our lifetime have been depressed, stressed, angry, sad, etc. along with those emotions one can sometimes feel alone. A