Employability Skills Table Essay

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Appendix 2
Employability Profile Sheet

Employability skills
How does this relate to the job description?
How will this help the person and the business be successful?
Rate on a scale of 1–6 how important the skill is
(1 = very)
Justify your rating
Suitable qualification(s)
The candidate must have suitable qualifications for the job because it means that they have enough experience so that they know what they are doing and don’t make mistakes. By have the suitable qualifications it shows that the person has an understanding of horticulture and also a passion as they have taken an interest to develop their skills further. As well as having educational qualification the candidate must be able to meet targets and deadline that they have been set by management, they must be able to meet the targets in a set period.
Having the suitable qualifications will help the person be more successful as they would be more likely to get the job that they are applying for. By employing a person with the specific qualification the business will be certain that they have a strong workforce that have an understanding in horticulture and an understanding of the equipment they are using. By having an understanding of the equipment the team will be able to work in an effective manor, eliminating as many injuries as possible. If the candidate has a knowledge of the area the company are more likely to employ you as they would have confidence in you to know your way in the industry this would also give the candidate more confidence within the company. By having more confidence the candidate would be more progressive in the mantainence of the grounds. This would benefit the business because it would mean that their work would be better and people who have employed them would be happy with their work and recommend them to others, this would mean that targets would be met and this would show that they have a passion for their work which would make the candidate an asset. This would make the business more successful as they can see if they have made the right choice in which they have employed.
Having suitable qualifications is crucial to having a job because without the qualifications the person would not have the knowledge that they require for the job of experienced gardener. The business need to ensure that the person has the general qualifications which are “Good general level of education to include GCSE English or equivalent, A passion for gardening with a recognised horticulture qualification”. I believe that having suitable qualifications is the most important thing because it means that the person is able to prove to the company that they are the best or have the correct knowledge to complete the job to the best of our ability.
Experience in similar role
The candidate must have some experience as a gardener because it shows the employer that they know what they are doing, and if they have a reference then it shows the passion that the company before felt that you gave. The company will also like to see how you have coped with the tasks at hand and will want to see how much of a hard worker you are.
By having required more experience in the role the candidate will give more to the company because they will be able to get on with the job instead of the company having to pay for training and having to wait longer before the money come in. By doing this the employers can see if the candidate has worked hard and met their target s or has not been the best to hire. This also shows employers that they can increase their productivity in the job and meet the necessary targets.
Having experience in the role is important but it is not the most important, the most important thing is that the candidate has the skills needed to perform the tasks given. Even though having the experience will give the candidate that extra something that will make the employer want them even more it is still not the most important thin g in the world. Bu8 the most…