Employee Benefits in Organizations Essay

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Questions to research and answer:

1. It is very important to have benefits at a job. As an employee you want to feel loved and wanted at work with having different medical benefits or even bonuses at the end of the month can be great and want to keep all your employers working and stay. HRM goal is to keep everyone excited and happy about their job. You keep the company happy then the boss is happy. You don’t want a company that treats their employers like they don’t really mean anything to the company because that negativity can rub off onto other employers. It is so important that HRM fulfills all these benefits to the employees because you don’t want employees to quit and you have to spend more money on training someone knew and someone else you are going to have to give benefits too. It is very important as well to keep communication with one and other. I think that communication is a huge key to success because without things can be going on and no one says anything because they are scared to talk to HR about it or your supervisor. You want to be able to have an environment that everyone feels comfortable and excited to come to. The workplace is very important if you want to keep your company going and make it better throughout the years. Without having this great workplace you are going to have a dull work place and have employees that don’t want to come to work and don’t do the job right. What’s the point if they are only getting minim wage and no benefits? This is why benefits are super important and should be perfectly explained when hired.

2. Working for Genentech and Zappos is amazing because you get great benefits and it motivates you to grow with the company. Genentech says that, “We believe that you, as an employee, matter above everything else. We back that statement up continuously with unique approach to providing you with great benefits and valuable resources. Our benefit packages and resources are designed to support you in creating the life and work style that brings your best to your community, your family and Genentech’s mission of addressing significant unmet medical needs.” After reading this if make me want to apply for them because they want you to feel motivated to obviously help out you family in many different ways because of the benefits they give you. If you work over 20 hours a week you are eligible for some benefits and they become effective immediately on the date of hire. Which is great because most companies give you a probation time up to about 3 months at least before you get any medical benefit. As for Zappos you get a PPO medical plan which gives you medical, dental, life insurance and vision. They also are giving you a fitness center that is open 24/7 and nutrition program and life programs. They also give you other benefits that give you the motivation need I say more? This is great already with just a PPO and having all that extra things they give you who wouldn’t feel motivated. Having to work for a company like Zappos it makes you feel like you’re a family and to top it off they shower you with so