Employee Empowerment Research Paper

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Employee Empowerment:
Organizational Achievement Through Employee Engagement
Management of Human Resources MGT-331-CL02
Ronnie Ramirez
April 20, 2014
Dr. Kathryn Adamson, PhD.

I. Introduction 2
II. Issues Addressed 2-4
III. Analysis of Issues 4-5
IV. Conclusion 5
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With the participation of employees in the goal setting procedures they can evaluate and make realistic goals measurable and observable, leading to the personal choice of advancing skills and knowledge pertaining to the organization making them beneficial representative of the organization. These goals, adapted by the employee will therefore be realistic, understandable, measurable, agreed upon, and specific to the individual and job (Roudebush, November). Once these goals are implemented, employees can then plan their path without meticulous supervision and can, without apprehension, expect to be heard and have their input taken seriously in making decisions about their work and environment. Additionally, clear guidelines are established guiding individuals to success in the decision making process pertaining to their tasks. Loyalty to an organization is a situation when people accept decisions and situations no matter what the result or circumstance. Loyalty can be achieved due to force or no other alternative. The use of empowerment creates an atmosphere where employees like and accept the philosophy and focus of the organization (Yousaf, 2012). Without the loyalty within an organization, morale as well as retention are sure to miscarry.
Albert Hirschman, an influential economist and the author of several books on political economy and political ideology (Albert Otto Hirschman, 2014), introduced the concept that employees have two possible responses when an