Employee Engagement in Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce Essay

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T he emerging need to efficiently and effectively manage the multi-generational workforce has become in of the priorities for managers. This paper relates to the need of having and engaging in practices that foster the understanding of the difference among generations in order to establish and conduct healthy approaches when managing personnel. The paper also relates to the need of establishing clear sets of goals and strategic initiatives to build a workforce that is engage, productive and fully identify with the organization’s culture.

For today’s global workforce of four generations of employees and countless cultures, a careful approach must be
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All of these facts about how to drive employee engagement come down to the kind of culture and work environment the organization longs to build and how well the organization nourishes and commits to its employees. The stronger these attributes are in the workplace, the stronger the level of employee engagement.
How to Motivate Employees of Different Generations
The workforce is changing at a fast and dramatic way. Ruch (2010) implies in his article Full Engagement; Manage multiple generations how for the first time in modern history, workplace demographics contains four generations. He is referring to Miliennials, Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers, and Mature which are currently working side-by-side. Ruch (2010) emphasizes in his articles that these four generations are characterized by having differences in personal traits and wants; in general they tend to have different attitudes towards life. These notorious differences might cause, according to Ruch (2010) some friction, mistrust, and communication breakdowns; it might also prevent successful teamwork