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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to primarily provide information on the importance of employee motivation in an organisation and its various tools and techniques practised across the various companies, belonging to information technology industry across the globe.

Firstly, the report overviews the concept of importance of employee motivation to an organisation and studies the idea of why motivated employees are better performers than the average employees, and how the organisation in turn benefits from its employee benefit programs and facilities given to the employees to keep them motivated to work for the organisation. Secondly, the report analyses the various prominent techniques used by various companies in the industry to keep up the team spirit and motivation factor among all hierarchies across the organisation. Thirdly it studies a real life case from an IT company on how the implementation of various employee motivation activities, transformed their organisation in to a better motivated team of efficient employees with minimal employee turnover in the organisation.

The study reveals that the motivated workforce in an organisation has a high potential of giving outstanding performance in the required job roles, in comparison to the group of average workforce, thus making Motivational Strategies beneficial for overall organisational growth. According to the study conducted, providing ESOPS (Employee Stock Option Plans) to the employees came out to be the most efficient tool among many prominent techniques and strategies applied in the Information Technology (IT) Companies.

Table of Contents

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Introduction 4
What is Motivation and why is it Essential? 5
How to Motivate Workforce 9
Employee Recognition Activities 10
Motivated Employees at Google Incorporation 12
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Conclusion 16
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Making employees work heartily and getting the best out of the people on their jobs, is really a tough task for all the people managers and human resource (HR) coordinators of every organisation. However it depends upon the skills and behavioural understanding of these HR managers, as how they make employees like their jobs and help them perform their roles in the best manner as they ever can.
Employee Motivation techniques is the answer to keep up theses employee spirits high and in turn make them achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their work to a greater extent. A group of highly motivated employees are sufficient to take the organisational goals and achievements to newer heights.
Examples and practises of such motivation techniques in context to the Information Technology Industry will be discussed and studied in this report. We will go through some of the basic drivers of motivation for the employees and some of the easy strategies that managers can use to trigger the work liking in the people. The Real Life case studies and examples are used to give a better understanding of the behavioural concepts of the employees towards the motivational techniques imbibed by the HR of the Organisation. A special effort has been taken to include only the examples and techniques that are relevant in today’s Globalised World.
What is Motivation and why is it Essential?

“Motivation is a hidden force within us that causes us to behave in a certain way. Sometimes it is instinctive; sometimes it arises from a rational decision. More usually, it is a mixture of both.” (Ivor K. Davies, 1989)
Motivation can be defined as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Many theories of motivation have been propounded in the past and present (Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A Judge, 2012).

Motivation can be theoretically bifurcated in to two types, extrinsic motivation and Intrinsic Motivation. The Intrinsic Motivation is a natural tendency in