Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Essay

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan
May 12, 2014
Employee Portfolio: Management Plan
In review of each employees characteristics was determined that each of the employees share some characteristic traits however some are fairly different. Some of the traits that may impact or hinder the organization's success would be the following:
Cultural adaptability
Consistent motivation
Lacking awareness of policy

Cultural adaptability was one of the traits that seemed to be lacking from each employee due to not recognizing others emotions, whether it be good or bad.
Consistent motivation seemed to be lacking for two of the employees as they seemed to not recognize their skill set and self-worth to some degree along with confidence in the professional front. By not recognizing or having the motivation needed to conduct and perform, can hinder the success of the organization and productivity.
Lacking awareness of policy and procedure was identified with two of the employees as it was listed that acting on a whim before giving the circumstances or thought attention, could hinder the success and also create potential legality hurdles for the organization if not addressed in the forefront.
Each of these three items were identifiable in the assessments conducted and considered the most impactful items to either hinder or Make the organization a success. In review of all three assessments it appears that the emotional state of each individual crucial and is one