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Employee Portfolio Summary
MGT 311
July 7, 2014

Employee Portfolio Summary In evaluating the three employee’s characteristics, I have found that they each lack a certain quality within them that is shown in their work. These qualities are an important identifier that allows each to work hard and eventually grow to the next level or progress into a field that will allow endless opportunities. Also, due to the lack of interest in their performance, it is reflected on the organization by the quality that is provided to management which interrupts not only time, but also productivity. In the process of finding a solution to help the employees, I will be recommend that each employee take behavioral and motivational classes within the company or outside if not offered. Not to mention, I will request to holding a employee forum for all employees to understand the importance of their work and how it is reflected on the business when they are not putting in their 100%. Also, request that each employee meet with me on a routine basis to evaluate their process for improvement actions and review alternative plans if needed. In addition, I will request alternative assessments so I know they understand the assessment that was provided to them. Sometimes verbiage in assessments can be written where some employees at times or situations do not know how to answer them. Therefore, I will make sure they understand