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Determining why employee job satisfaction is low
I have started a new job a wholesaler company called Diamond Direct LLC located in midtown Manhattan, NY. This company primary business is supplying finish jewelry and Diamond to huge retailer such as JCPenney, Walmart, Zales, Kay jewelers, Sterling and much more. This company has been around since opening their doors in the year 2000 and presently has about 75 employees, and with the current state of the economy this business is growing quite rapidly. Most of this company business is strictly order entry and processing based and day to day operation and has factories in China, India and Belgium where jobs are being outsourced. The communication between employees on a day to day basis is very poor. In the initial first week of my employment I had a chance to see how the company operates internally and upon witnessing the functions of how the organization operated internally drove me to wonder about how many of these people stay motivated internally and externally. There is not much personal friendship within the workplace from employee to employee and on the surface level it seems that everyone seems to not be satisfied working at this organization. My personal role in this company is slightly in tune to everyone else on how the production of my workload is done, quietly, quickly and efficiently. I do have a very strong internal motivation level but I to can see that I quite possibly eventually lose my motivation in this environment possibly like every other employee seems to have in Diamond Direct LLC. The organizational problem that arises out of this is the situation of how employees stay motivated in a company setting such as this one, a company that is strictly processing and paying employees by the hour for their work. It is very easy to lose motivation in a position that is very rigorous and monotonous to the point where the same process is completed day in and day out. So what keeps many of these people going and pursuing the same accomplishment of a file or process over and over, is it incentives? Is it the way management runs the company? Or could it be that some people have personalities that are fit for this sort of a position, and possibly have a very high aspect for motivation on the scale for this type of processing position. Another factor to consider is also the idea that everyone in the workplace is potentially not satisfied with what they are doing and they are not happy with the position, but why would they continue to work in a non-satisfying position? My final proposal for this course project will mainly focus on the factor that affect and motivates DDLLC Employees internally and externally and how it compares to their job contentment within this workplace. The main question that I will focus…