Employee Turnover in Call Centers Essay

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Call centers or customer service centers as they are now called have a role in most large organizations across the globe. Call centers provide employment for many and serve as a primary channel for interacting with customers for these organizations.
However, employee turnover in call centers is increasingly growing. The most common reasons found in literature for employee turnover in call centers are performance requirements, organizational policies and procedures, management, and employee motives (Ton & Huckman, 2008). The majority of research on call centers focused on operations management, management, sales, and marketing (Ton & Huckaman, 2008; Cooper, 2000; Mushrush, 2002).Previous research studies have reviewed call center work environments, management strategies, performance requirements, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, andDirect economic implications from employee turnover in call centers have overwhelmed the industry (Askin, et al, 2007). The costs and efforts of hiring and training are extensive for call centers, not including immeasurable costs of poor customer service because of low employee job satisfaction (Mitchell, 2008). High employee turnover in call centers is a growing concern for leaders. Leaders are seeking methods to find, keep, and reward employees. Leaders attempt to hire qualified employees and implement retention procedures while providing an effective work environment and leadership (Jawahar, 2003). Employee turnover can occur although leaders provide many incentives and benefits (Jawahar, 2003). Call centers continue to invest revenue in employees, leaders must understand the value of investing in employees instead of making decisions about where to direct the investment based on subjective information or alleged best practices (Nalbantian & Szostak, 2004). Leaders should become aware of potential job shock occurrences for their employees from certain events or interactions.The majority of employee turnover in call centers are caused by the relationship with employees and management, training, career advancement opportunities, and incentives(Nalbantian & Szostak, 2004).
Background of the Problem
A core problem for many call centers is high employee turnover. This qualitative study explored the sub problem of job shock events contributed to voluntary employee turnover in call centers. The estimated annual…