Employees But Are Not The Bearers Of Power

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Over centuries humanity have progressed to be where the world stands today through the hardship of improving and development the country using countless of manpower to achieve their specified target. Everyone played their part in order to develop their nation to greater means. The people who mainly contributed their strength, pouring their heart and soul at work are the workers or also better known as ‘employees’. The employees are the means that is required in order to drive an organization. Without them, an organization would not even be an organization as there is no one to keep it running which implies that employees should not be taken for granted. In the modern world today, question arises regarding the mistreatment of employees …show more content…
Laurie (1996) concludes from her research that bureaucracy and hierarchy still remains within organizations. Eventhough managerial levels are broken down into smaller portions, hierarchies still cease to exist and managers will have to make decisions attending to the demands of their superior or the demands of their moral consciences. Among the three types of authorities, it seems that Weber favours rational-legal authority the most for it’s characteristics. Some of it consists of all employees must comply with the implementation of any new laws or norms from time to time, they are to follow the rules exactly as mentioned and there is no exception for the employer to not follow the rules they implemented themselves.
Watson (2012) stated that the foundation of Karl Marx’s theory is derived from the assumption that humanity can only achieve their greatest heights through labour. Marx believes that labour is the sole reason an organization gains profit (Nick, 2005). Marx resisted the idea of capitalism, which has been adapted by many organizations because he sees it as condemning the employees. Under capitalism, labourers are forced to work under unequal relationships with their employers. The employer controls everything because they have the means to survive despite a halt in production. Unfortunately for employees, workers have to depend on the availability of a job or else they will