Employing A Geodatabase Structure Essay

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TMP Road Recommendations
A. Road Networks
B. Transit
C. Active Transportation (Pedestrians & Cyclists)

Geodatabase Overview
“A geographic data model is an abstract digital representation of real-world features” This will provide specific and detailed descriptions of construction parameters to the recommended road projects in Durham based on existing road networks. A geodatabase model will require the development of a good data model design. Designing a geodatabase is a critical process that involves necessary planning to reach a design that is well organized to meet the project’s key objectives. Within each database management system (DBMS), object types, domains, and relationships will be identified to understand the specific parameters needed to function the database.
The key advantage for implementing a geodatabase lies in these structural elements {domains; geometric networks; relationship classes} involved to form advanced spatial relationships between datasets and features classes. Here certain rules will be defined to improve the overall consistency and organization of the data and help represent features more accurately. Domains will assign values for the attribute information and help reduce error in data entry by eliminating invalid entries. A geometric network will define any directional information for attributes. And relationship classes will connect certain fields to information from another feature class, based on this common field. Additionally, a