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When you start work on trial most or many job offers are made after an interview. Once the job has been offered the employer may have to work for a probation period to see if they are capable of doing the tasks that the job requires; this time period must be specified by the employer and they must notify the employee of this time period. For any work done within this probation period by the employee must be paid to them. If the employee is asked to do work experience without pay it must be registered through and educational training organisation for example school, TAFE or university.

If someone is offered a job they should seek that their employer explains the conditions, of which they will be working under and be expected to do, in writing. Some of the basics that this written document should include are: the name of the employer, what the job involves, the amount of pay that will be earned, how many hours of work, any terms or conditions and all other vital parts of the agreement between the employer and employee.

The employer may hire a person under an award or entitlement agreement. In this case if the employee is asked to sign any agreement they should read over it very thoroughly in order to make sure everything suits them. The employee may be allowed time to think about the agreement but the time period given to them may differ between the type of agreement being offered. The type of arrangement that the employee will work under depends on whether the employee is a part of a company or a sole trader/partnership. An agreement is voluntary and there are no obligations to sign or accept the agreement.

Whilst working the employer must pay their employee at least the minimum rate set out in the employee’s award or agreement. The rate of pay will be determined by the employees role, age and times/ hours that they have worked. The employer must pay the employee regularly and are not allowed to deduct any money unless it has been stated in their agreement or if it is required by law. There are no deductions that can be made from the employee’s annual holiday pay. The forms the employee can be payed are cash, cheque or transferred into their bank account, but the employee must receive a pay slip showing the amount of money they are receiving.

As an employee they must respect their employer and do as they are instructed by their employer, they must also work to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. In termination of employment, the employer or employee must give appropriate notice, preferably in written form. The notice period needed to be given may be shown in the award or agreement that had been made between them. The employer has a right to end the employment of the employee as long as it is with appropriate reasoning.

The rights and responsibilities between the employer and employee as vary between forms of occupation; these include contractors, full-time, casual and…