Essay on Employment and Business Environment

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Tutor feedback form

|Name of learner: |Kirsty Coope |Programme | |Business & Administration L2 |
|Unit Number |One | | |RESUB |X |
|Date: 14/11/12 | |Tutor |Billy Hugill |Signature: Billy Hugill | |
| | | | | | |
|Total Time: | |
| |90 mins |

|Type of Contact (please circle) |
|Face to Face |Telephone |E-mail |RWF/Assessment |Other |

|Well done on submitting Unit 1. I have now assessed your work. Below is a list of each question as they appear in the assessment, after each question I|
|have given feedback relating to the answer that you have provided. |
| |
|A good start to your learning Kirsty and you are on your way to securing a pass. However, some of your answers are copied from the course material |
|which is totally unacceptable and cannot continue. Furthermore, many of your answers are very brief and as a result some of them do not contain enough|
|detail to meet the learning requirements for the questions. You will need to look again at the coursework and use my feedback and the action plan below|
|as guidance. I have highlighted those that need to be amended in grey. |
| |
|Do not be disheartened as your work is of good quality and nicely presented, but it just lacking in sufficient detail to meet the learning standards. |
|Remember, if it asks for an explanation or a description, then a sentence or two is not normally sufficient to cover the learning requirements. |
| |
|Can you please make your amendments in a different font colour to clearly identify them? |
| |
|Once you have made your amendments, please resubmit via the learning platform’s “My Study”. |
| |
| |
|Regards |
| |