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Unit one: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment


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Name: Emma Williams

Section 1 – Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer

1. Identify four main points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible, use an example contract to support your answer (feel free to obscure any confidential information).

Contracts should include your hours of work, your pay rate (hourly/salary) and if you are eligible for pension schemes within the organisation you work for.

Contracts must include your name, your employers name, the name of the organisation you work for, along with the date you commenced work with the organisation.

Contracts must include information concerning sick leave, who you should inform if you can’t go in; entitlement to statutory sick pay; when you need a doctors certificate etc. Also you must have information about holiday entitlement, how many weeks per year, if you need to give a certain amount of notice or book in advance for Christmas holidays or summer holidays.

Contracts must have information of disciplinary procedures and dismissal procedures; confidentiality and data protection act about your personal information such as your address and phone number or personal information such as medical history, criminal records.

2a) List three key points of legislation that affect employers in a business environment.

Data protection act 1998 – storing personal information about employees in a confidential manner, not keeping them for longer than necessary, processing them lawfully and fairly.
Employment rights and responsibilities.

Health and safety at work Act 1974, legislation and the responsibilities these bare for the employer.

Pensions and occupational pension schemes that should be offered to employees under the changes in the 2012 legislation and guidance.

2b) List three key points of legislation that affect employees in a business environment.

The equality act 2012 – making pay same for women and men.

National minimum wages Act 1998 – stopping very low pay.

Itemised payslips for employees showing tax paid, NI, gross pay and net pay.

Contractual rights of employment.

Right to redundancy after 2 years of employment.

3. Identify a range of places where a person can find information on employment rights and responsibilities. You should identify at least two internal and two external sources of information.

Internally: Line managers; senior staff; trade union representatives

Externally: CAB; legal professionals; equality and human rights commission; trade unions; library.

4. Describe how representative bodies can support employees.

Informing individuals of their rights as employees. Letting people know of the correct disciplinary procedures or dismissal procedures and if they are being treated fairly and proper procedures are being followed.

Protesting against the bigger system, providing an advocacy service to help people have a voice.

Sign-posting people to the correct place to go to receive the help and support they require.

5. Briefly describe employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity in a business environment. You should give at least two employer