Employment and Cashier Essay

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It is the cashier’s job to make sure the customer gets the best service and to have them coming back to your store again. It is also the cashier’s job to ensure that the correct amount of money is in the cash register. The cash register is a tool used by cashiers to keep the incoming cash they receive organized. When you walk into a store you’ll notice that sometimes they use scanners, which allow merchandise to be rung up by a cashier. Some examples of places where a cashier might be found are fast food restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. A cashier range from ages 16 and up. To be a cashier a person must have some prior experiences of working with people and with money. If someone has a temper control problem this may not be the job for him or her. It is also helpful to have a basic background in mathematics. If a person is looking for a job as a cashier, they should star by keeping an eye out for “Help Wanted” signs. It may also be a good idea to inquire at some of your favorite shopping spots, as to whether they are hiring. Then a prospective cashier will have to fill out applications, and go to job interviews. The skill of cashiering is a wonderful one to obtain, because it is so versatile. I myself for example had my first cashier experience working at Burger King, and with that experience I was able to quickly get a job at a department store. Basically cashiering can initially penetrate any line of work that you may be thinking of getting into. Most cashiers start out at minimum wage, which right now is $5.25. This means a person working a 40-hour week will make $210.00 before taxes.…