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Bi. The terms and conditions of my employment are my contracted hours of work which is 40 hours per week. Employment start date, salary. An agreement made between me and my manager, to follow policies and procedures within my setting. My job description also states I have a duty of care, Statutory Sick Pay, uniform and guidance covering hair and nails. Employer’s details, place of work and my job title. At the time of my employment an employee handbook was also handed out which sets out all company policies and procedures
Bii. Two changes to personal information i must report to my employer would be:
Change of address
Change of bank details

Biii. Information which needs to be shown on your payslip.

Employee’s name and address
Companies name and address
Employee number
Employee’s National insurance number
Payment Period
Payment Method
Tax period
Tax code
Net pay
Hours paid for
Deductions i.e national insurance PAYE tax.


Biv. If you wish to raise a grievance/complaint, you should discuss it informally with an available member of the management team. Failing this you must follow the 3 step procedure. Step 1. You must set out in writing the basis for your complaint, sending a copy to the employer and keeping a copy for yourself.

Step 2. Once the employer has had chance to look into the matter, you will be invited to a meeting to discuss the issue. The meeting will take place