Employment and Exit Interview Essay

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Sarah Edmund
Article 1
March 26, 2013
William Stewart/BADM 332

1. Author: Lauren Weber

2. The One Question to Ask in an Exit Interview /The Wall Street Journal Online/ 3 pages

3. How to prevent employee turnover.

4. Some HR employees don’t always ask the right questions to keep their employers from leaving or to prevent turnover with the next person who takes the position. This article gives you some ideas of the right questions to ask.

5. When working in an HR position and conducting and exit interview, there are certain questions you should ask when trying to gain information to better your company. Also you should ensure the employer that all of their information is confidential so they will be more willing to provide information that could help in the future.

6. I would definitely recommend this article to an HR professional. Maybe they aren’t asking the right questions and this could help them out.

7. I do not believe there is any faulty reasoning in this article.

8. Chapter 10 in our textbook is titled, “Employee Separation and Retention”. In this chapter it discusses why people leave their jobs and things you can do as an HR employee to try to change to turnover rate. Chapter 10 explains the different types of withdrawal; physical, psychological, and behavior change. It also explains what you need to say to employees when you have a feeling they may be thinking about leaving their job. In this chapter you also learn why spending so much money on training and development could be bad and good for the company.

9. Many companies do not consider doing exit reviews. Some professionals see them as a waste of time or feel that it will have no effect for the employee who will be take over the position. If HR employees knew the correct question to ask, they may see the benefit of an exit interview. With the right questions you could prevent future turnover rates of your company.
When most HR employees conduct their exit interview their main question is, “Why are you leaving?” Although this could be useful, most employees already have one foot out the door and aren’t going to answer truthfully for fear of receiving negative reference comments. The first question that should be asked is, “What made you start looking for another