Essay on Employment and Individual-based Plans

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The occupational safety and health administration: OSHA

Be sure to know the types of appraisal interviews. Be sure to know when you would use each type.
Self, subordinate, manager/supervisor, team, customer

What are the six guidelines for successful appraisal interviews.

Performance ratings must be job-related. Employees must be given a written copy of their job standards in advance of appraisals. Managers who conduct the appraisal must be able to observe the behavior they are rating. Supervisors must be trained to use the appraisal form correctly. Appraisals should be discussed openly with employees and counseling or corrective guidance offered. An appeals procedure should be established to enable employees to express disagreement with the appraisal.

What is wage compression and how might a manager deal with it?

Compression is when you have small differences in pay regardless of experience, skills, level, or seniority. You see this when the starting salaries for your new employees in a particular job title are too close to the wages of your existing workers. In really awful circumstances, the starting salaries might even exceed what your current employees are earning.

So, the answer is to open the corporate pocket book and pay your current employees more money. “But we can’t afford that!” is your response? What would you have to pay for their replacements if they walk? How would you come up with that money?
If you are in the situation of compression because the funds have just not been available, honest talk about what individuals are paid and a plan on how to make adjustments over time can help. Create a schedule and then keep your word and implement it.
Another option is to ask what can help with an individual’s loyalty other than pay? Sometimes this could be a mentoring or developmental opportunity or a more flexible work schedule to coach a little league team each Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Explore your options with extreme creativity.
One more approach is to re-think your job design. Do you have 10 employees spending half their time on that critical hard to find skill? Could you change the essential responsibilities and instead get by with five or six employees using that skill all of the time?

Know the five common rater-related errors
Rate-bias is the reason performance appraisals fail


Know the requirements for a sound benefits program

1. Benefits for a Diverse Workforce

2. Allowing for Employee Involvement

3. Providing for Flexibility

4. Communicating Employee Benefits Information

5. Strategic Benefits Planning

Know internal and external factors for wage rates.


Why do appraisal programs fail?

• Lack of top-management information and support

• Unclear performance standards

• Rater bias

• Too many forms to complete

• Use of the appraisal program for conflicting (political organizational) purposes.

Are benefits provided voluntarily by employers?
U.S. law requires employers to give four benefits to all employees, with only a few exceptions: (1) Social Security, (2) workers’ compensation, (3) unemployment insurance, and (4) family and medical leave. In addition, a recently passed U.S. law requires that employers with 50 or more employees provide health insurance to employees starting in 2014. All other benefits are provided by employers voluntarily.

What is negligence?

Failure to take proper care in doing something

Increased spoilage and breaking of equipment through negligence

Causing injuries to other employees through negligence

Under negligent hiring laws, employers can be held responsible for their employees’ violent acts on the job, particularly when the employer knows, or should know, that an employee has a history of violent behavior

Objectives of an appraisal program

The main objective of performance