Essay on Employment and Medical Billing Software

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Case Study
You work in a small but growing medical billing software company and had just been promoted to your first management position. You are the sales team manager. Bob and Mary are two of your salespeople, and they have not been performing over the past 6-8 months. You know something must be done. Bob has been with the company for about 12 months. He started out enthusiastically with strong sales during the first six months of his employment, but his enthusiasm is not what it was and his Sales have steadily decreased. Mary has been with the company since it began four years ago. She is a working mother and is also working to earn her degree online. Her sales have always been average but during the last eight months sales are at an all-time low.
Please provide a detailed description of the specific strategies you would use for Bob and Mary in at least 250 words. * Would your Human Resources strategies be the same? Or would they be different? Why?
No, my strategies would not be the same, you are dealing with two different employees that have been with the company for different lengths of time, and these are different with two different sets of personal issues. You just throw out a blanket solution and hope it works. That only makes you a careless employer who has interest in their employees; we all know what happens when employees feel like their boss doesn’t care.

Bob - With Bob I think I would have to take a hard and fast approach to nip it in the butt, he has only been there short time, and his work should not have started slipping. I think would ask him if there was a problem, but still reprimand him slightly to let him know I am displeased with his